V4 Car Engine Assembly Kit Full Metal 4 Cylinder Car Engine Building Kit

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Customer Reviews

Based on 102 reviews
Eric G

Very intricate awesome little four-cylinder motor really cool to put together. This is my second little motor I put together, The first one was a twin cylinder. putting together locomotive next. I tipped these guys and they forgot the grease. Oh well not the end of the world, if that’s my only complaint they did well. Thanks

Nikkolaus McAndrews
Excellent product, despite a few issues...

Even though the case arrived damaged, in several spots, the components were built with amazing quality and craftsmanship. The details on this piece were amazing, and a joy to put together. A few issues were experienced on the build portion of the project, where at least 3 of the screw holes were not drilled out properly and would not accept the particular screw I was trying to put in. After some switching around of screws of the same size, and a little bit of thread seal tape as packing material for the threads, I was able to get it successfully built. The piece functions well, and has a great appearance. The surfaces tend to have a bit of paint/coating wear on the intake and exhaust valves, from the cams, but that will give it a nice worn look to it.

Sebastian Eisenbart
Excellent product quality and function

I bought this based largely on other reviews. I understand why others are so enthusiastic. The unit looks beautiful and functions just as well. I bought it as a teaching tool for my science classes. You’ll never see teenagers stare in total awe like they do with this.

E. Clark Cummings
Well-made, Precision, Fun to Build

I truly enjoyed building this engine with my 8-year-old son. The English directions contained on a thumb drive made it easy to build. The castings are very good. Each part is precision made. The accuracy is good. Next to building a running engine, this is a fantastic project for young and old. It can be disassembled and built back up. Or you can just keep it on display. I highly recommend this project motor. You will not be disappointed. One thing I did was to use 3-in-1 oil for lubrication. The supplied lubricant was minimal and not very effective in my opinion. Take your time. You won't regret this purchase.

CJ Wallingsford
Mechanic Gift

As the wife of a mechanic who is sick and tired of trying to find gifts that aren’t stupid, BUY THIS for the mechanic in your life. For all the times I’ve googled “what to buy a mechanic” and gotten answers like, this wrench set or car cleaning chemicals, I wish I would have found this company sooner. It was a ton of fun to build, is superbly detailed, and a great novelty item. My husband loves it, thinks it’s the coolest thing, and loves to show it off. He even took it to work with him one day. The materials are solid and well detailed, good craftsmanship and seems like it will hold up over time. The instructions are not the worlds best and for English they are on a separate USB drive. You get allen wrenches to construct with, but over all if you know an engine it’s extremely easy. Took about four hours at a leisurely pace.

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