5 Cylinder Radial Engine Model Kit that Works - Build Your Own Radial Engine - TECHING 1: 6 Full Metal Radial Engine Model Kit 250+Pcs

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Stephen Boon
5 Cylinder Radial Engine

Fantastic! I enjoyed every minute of the build out. I have it on display in my living room and visitors are immediately attracted to it. The fact that it "runs" brings delight to friends and family. It takes a couple of weeks to get, but, worth the wait!

Beautiful Engine Model

It assembled very well. It worked great after assembly. The instructions were very good and easy to follow. All the parts and screws were in the box, and nothing was missing. I would highly recommend this to someone interested in assembling models and is interested in learning how radial engines work.

Heinz de Couet
Great instructional project

I have been tempted to get one of these little machines ever since I saw the Sterling engine in a museum gift store years ago. When I saw the radial engine I could no longer contain my enthusiasm. This is a great little weekend project and instructional model for father/daughter/son. Requires no specialized skills or tools other than good vision to find the tiny screws that you may have dropped on the carpet. The kit is nicely organized and the instructions are straight forward. Personally, I would have liked some detail on the fuel/air induction system and an ignition harness. Perhaps I will add something myself. However, as an instructional tool to demonstrate the mechanics of a radial engine and the function of the induction and exhaust valves it is great! Very well engineered.

Reviewer avatar
moteur étoile 5 cylindres

Très beau modèle et très bien conçu, me freine pour ne pas le finir trop vite, pour moi ajouterais collecteur échappement et fils bougies, si trouve tubes au diamètre. Bravo pour ce kit

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Brian Cooper
5 cylinder radial engine

This was my first DIY from this company. It was level 5 difficulty, about 300 parts. The parts were high quality and fine materials were used. All parts seemed to fit perfectly. I put it together in about 6 hrs and it ran almost perfectly (one valve did not function). The instructions were good for the most part, but it was hard to tell which screws were which as some were combined in the same compartment of a small utility box. But the fact that there were many compartments for screws and small parts was a plus overall, and there were lots of excess screws and springs in case you lost one (very important). The oil was not in the kit. One of the supplied tools did not fit one of the screws. The wire from the motor did not reach the mother board. It was much too short. I had to splice in additional 2 in of wire to make it reach. Overall, I enjoyed the challenge.