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Customer Reviews

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I got it for my 6 years old niece. We had so much fun making it and learning together about steam engines. She was so happy and enjoyed the process of building the engine.


For starters, I have the V-twin red plastic model associated with this group of steam engines. I bought it for my 10 year old daughter who is interested in anything mechanical (I'm a veteran automotive tech myself). What shocked me is based on the photos and description, I thought the pistons were just "for show" and were gear driven by an actual piston and cylinder from the back. I was SO WRONG. The V-twin cylinder/piston setup are the actual operational engine components, even though they are plastic!!! The cylinders shuffle side to side along with the pistons going up and down. This allows dual intake and exhaust ports to operate via a sliding valve mechanism on the back of the cylinder heads. AMAZING!!! What was also awesome is you have to completely assemble the unit from a couple of dozen parts, so you really get a sense of how things operate (no glue required). The only caveat is as another review noted, the instructions are completely in Chinese characters. The pics included were enough to get through the assembly though with minimal head scratching. About the only question we hade that wasn't too clear is how much water to load into the tank with the bulb piper. We've done it with up to 3 bulbs full. NOTE: You do have to hand start the gear once steam starts coming off of the cyliunder heads. ENJOY!

Excellent way to learn about engines and steam

This is a very cool. I put it together to check it out before giving it to my grandchildren. The instructions were clear. It ran great, then slowed to a stop. I found that one of the spring loaded screws that hold the cylinders against the valve plate had backed off so that steam was able to escape through the gap between the mating surfaces. When I snugged it back, the engine took off. The brackets that hold the boiler over the lamp don’t do a great job, so I used some tie wire the hold them tight against the boiler can. So with these minor tweaks, my grandchildren have a very fine demonstration of a steam engine. Thanks!


It is what it is - fantastic. I didn't realise it was in kit but that only increased the fun.


It is what it is - fantastic. I didn't realise it was in kit but that only increased the fun.

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