TECHING 160pcs DIY Build Your Robot Kit Robotic Engine Assembly Kit Educational Toy DIY Gift

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Fun to build mechanical precision robot

Well designed high precision and quality parts. All metal parts have an outstanding fit and finish and therefore are the perfect basis for fun assembly of this robot. Also the manual is well written and describes the assembly steps very good augmented with excellent detail drawings and pictures. If you enjoy building electro mechanical things this is the perfect set for teenagers and adults!! Furthermore, the assembled product works great with your iPhone or Android 😊

Alvaro Ramotar
Nice robot but minor issues

The parts are well labelled and packaged. Only issues I had is that the front of the robot was cut short so the body of the robot did not close completely. Only other issue is that the app to run the robot is not on the playstore so I was skeptical to download it and run.

Wayne Newton
A Beautiful Little Robot

The Robot model arrived safely in its distinctive tin. The model assembled well, except for a plug on the ribbon cable could not be unplugged without damaging the cable. An email to Lucas at EngineDIY's Service Department had the problem solved quickly. The replacement parts were sent to me almost immediately. They arrived two days ago. The flat ribbon-plug on the head’s circuit board readily unplugged and I was able to complete the model successfully. This one is my wife’s favorite. She loved the way the robot looks around before changing direction, while I loved the maneuverability while driving the robot using its caterpillar tracks. A big "thank you" to TECHING, EngineDIY and Lucas. Recommended!

Roberto Manfredini
TECHING 160pcs DIY Build Your Robot Kit Robotic Engine Assembly Kit Educational Toy DIY Gift

Excellent product, of excellent quality, with attention to detail and assembly instructions.
Already from the care of the packaging, I had the impression of a very well-finished product.
The organization of the parts to be assembled is also excellent. Well done !

Versatile, awesome learning toy, amazing price!

This RC robot is fantastic! Purchased for my 10 year old nephew as a birthday gift.
Turned out to be the hit of the party.! All of my other nieces and nephews are putting this on their Christmas Lists.
There were so many similar models to choose from I decided on this one because it had the best reviews at the best price.
Came beautifully packaged and The instructions are clear but still challenging enough to foster critical thinking and creativity. Also Provides a great sense of accomplishment. The ability to play with an electronic toy after you put it together is pretty awesome.
Hes had it now for a couple of months and it is still providing enjoyment since there are multiple ways to design it. Extremely happy with this purchase!

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