Singing Tesla Coil Music Kit Plasma Loudspeaker Wireless Transmission Experiment Desktop Toy Model - Enginediy
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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Worth the money!!

Bought it for my 6th grader project. Packaged nicely. Works as expected. The bulb that it comes with is acceptable, but it can light up a 40w LED bulb. Satisfied with my purchase.

Great product

Great product very fun to play with and very cool to play music with. Just a warning - putting your finger close for more then a few milliseconds will burn your skin and the longer you hold it the worse it gets. Also it can catch paper on fire or melt foam just by being near it. Very fun to play with.

Great singing tesla

Arrived quickly, great packaging, works great. A great addition to my collection.

Awesome customer service!

First of all this is definitely NOT a toy for children! The package originally arrived within a few weeks of placing the order. Out of the box it did not work. I was able to determine the fault was not the Tesla coil but the included power supply which did not work. I contacted customer service and they promptly replied that they would replace the power supply at no cost. My timing could not have been worse. Shortly after I contacted customer service the government shut down all non-essential business in China because of the Coronavirus pandemic. During the entire shut down their customer service staff kept me up to date on when the replacement power supply would be shipped. Eventually as the Chinese government allowed work to start back up the replacement power supply was shipped. Once it arrived everything work amazingly!

The Tesla coil was very nicely built. It demonstrates everything you would expect with high energy plasma and is a good addition to any classroom physic demonstration. The cool addition is the "music" aspect of it which will really engage the mind of young STEM students. The coil comes with a few small neon bulbs and a "spinner" which demonstrates the propulsive force of plasma. It will also light up a full size florescent bulb from about 12 inches away which is really neat!

The only thing I would add is an on/off switch on the power supply.

If you are interested in demonstrating high energy physics and are looking for a quality Tesla coil I highly recommend purchasing this item.

As a special note, Lucas at customer service went above and beyond! He provided prompt customer service through the entire time and represents the best of Enginediy!


Very impressive!

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