R90S 3.2cc Mini Gasoline Engine 2-Cylinder 4-Stroke Motorcycle Internal Combustion Engine ICE Engine Model

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Customer Reviews

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So much potential and yet.

This is a fantastic iteration of a boxer engine. If only the company knew what they were doing. When I first received the engine, the instructions, sad as they are, were buried between layers of packing material. So when I discovered the oil filler cap wouldn’t come off without first removing the intake manifold, I inquired and service at this website told me the oil cap is non functional. Well I took there word and used only a fuel/oil mix, and it was not happy at all. This engine has no oil pump, but absolutely is designed to run with a sump of oil you can’t get into it. Redesign the oil cap at the air intake manifold so it clears to fill the sump, you’ll have something. Meanwhile I’m enjoying the design if not the execution. It’s not ready for sale.

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