CISON L100 3.5cc Mini Evaporative Cooled Single-cylinder 4-stroke Gasoline Engine Internal Combustion Engine Model - Speed Up to 8000rpm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Nice engine

Small petrol engine of good quality, and it runs well.

The real Michael M.
Great little engine but.

A great little engine but has a bad design fault on the low speed mixture adjusting screw, the o ring seal is very slack which causes the screw to turn itself in/out at random during running which plays havoc on the running stability of the engine, trying to source an o ring seal that fits better is proving to be impossible.
The seating groove for the o ring should have been made a little deeper so that a more suitable o ring could have been fitted, alternatively the screw entrance hole should have had a chamfurred or tapered edge to prevent the seal from being shaved off during installation.

Thank you for your suggestion. This is indeed a flaw in the design of the oil needle screw. It is not thoughtful and will be improved later. We are now trying to use new seals. It is recommended to contact us in the future to replace you with a new sealing ring.
At present, we suggest that you can unscrew the oil needle and get some 704 sealant or other silica gel on the thread as a temporary solution.

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