Upgrade Hit & Miss Gas Engine Full Metal IC Engine With Base Collection Gift

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Henry Groen jr
Hit n miss

Great little motor! Some minor adjustments are required. As far as the right type of fuel goes it needs to be naphta based being 95 octain is race car fuel here in the U.S. so that being said use Colman multi fuel with a dash of marvel mistory oil. For more info google it.

This is a great engine, well made and easy to run.

I used my engine to make a model Rumely Oil Pull tractor. You can see a You Tube video of it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUeDTHd21DU

William Rankin
Do not miss this!!

My uncle owned a hit/miss engine that I had to run on the farm. If you ever experienced that you would never forget it. This exact replica is truly a work of art! Mine is currently on my desk and I am asked daily what/where did you get that! The craftsmanship is nothing less that amazing! Mine starts with just a flip spin without the included pull starter. Get one for your collection or for a gift for an engine person you know, you will not be disappointed. Great job "EngineDIY!!"

michael van lienden
Hit and miss

Excited about my new hit and miss motor.
The fit and finish is good, it is really cool to watch that thing run.

It really works well

We got this as a demo for a science class and it really does start and run well - decent amount of torque off the flywheel. Fine craftsmanship as well. Be sure to lubricate all moving parts right before you run it with some 3in1 oil or something every time to make it last a long time and run smoother. Did have to ever so slightly adjust the mixing screw on the carb for it to run really smooth and best power out of it but it did fire up right outa the box.

FYI you may have to put a finger lightly over the carb opening and watch the gas get sucked towards the carb on the intake stroke to prime it - think of your finger like a choke plate on a normal carburetor. Just half a revolution is enough to prime it then turn the flywheel til you feel compression and give it a good spin - fires up in one try if not the 2nd try.

My only complaints are:
#1 No marking saying which way the ignition on off switch is on or off... - easily solved with a marker but still...

#2 the exhaust /muffler is that round disc on the bottom of the cylinder by the spark plug - it has 4 ports in it to exhaust gasses but it exhaust them right onto the wood and soaks up some of the un-burnt gas and fumes so the model tends to stink up a small space even in storage and when run dry every time. - i solved this by 2 coats of gas resistant model airplane paint and wiping off the excess after each run.

#3 The gas tank is very hard to fill - you really need an eye dropper due to its small opening - it will run a very long time just freewheeling without a load on that tiny tank though - usually i just run it with 3 medicine droppers of gas in the tank - gives it about 10-20 min of run time and still have to drain the excess out.

#4 also no marking showing which way to turn it to start - carb end in your left hand looking at the flywheel with the governor it should start and run in the clockwise direction FYI - be nice if there was an engraving in the side of the flywheel or wood box or something.

overall very happy - planning to find or make a small generator kit to have this belt drive it showing energy conversion - FOR SCIENCE!

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