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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
The little engine that could

A beautiful piece of machinery, well finished, great for display. It runs well too, after a bit of fiddling. Those intending to run the engine would do well to look at the many videos online, and the model engine forums for tips and tricks.

The good: nice metal work and finish. Can be a sweet running engine.
The bad: mine came through with a sharp edge on the starter pulley rope notch that would cut the rope off in a few uses. A bit of attention with a round file to the notch fixed that.
The furnished display stand is an insult to this fine engine. But if they had to compromise to contain costs, that’s where I’d do it as well. A longer, wider, lower, heavier stand with the engine centered will be a great improvement you can make yourself.
Current engines are shipping with a black rubber spark plug boot that could be better. It looks great, but doesn’t seem to retain the wire in contact with the spark plug as well as it could. A fabricated brass wire terminal made for a secure connection, and reinstalling the rubber boot over it preserved appearance.
Running tips. Use Zippo ighter fluid or Coleman lantern fuel. A little marvel mystery oil mixed in will lube the top end. The needle valve is very touchy. Adjust in tiny amounts, beginning with 1/4 turn open and increasing a hair at a time. Insure there are no air bubbles in the fuel line. Enjoy.

Overall, keeping in mind this is a hobbyist engine, not a simple consumer appliance, with the expectation of a little tinkering or personalizing, it’s great fun, and makes enough power to run a scale generator or whatever, and makes a great desk ornament.

Sherrill Bailey
A Little Gem

This is a wonderful little engine that started right up after the addition of fuel. The fit and finish is exceptional and it its great fun to play with. Next up: make it power something!

Marc Petitiot

Très bel objet malheureusement impossible de le démarrer je ne comprends pas pourquoi et impossible de trouver des explications en français.
En attendant d’en savoir plus ça décore .

Henry Groen jr
Vertical hit n miss

Great little engine. Starts up easy right out of the box. Only one complaint, after 10 minutes of run time the water pump failed causing the geared cam to come loose. Problem was resolved very quickly by Lucas from customer support. A week later I had a new water pump and only about 30 minutes of work required to install the new part. Ben Problem free sense very happy with it and this is the 4th motor in this line I've bought look forward to buying the new air cooled model they have out now.

Excellent quality in workmanship and a beautiful machine.

High quality machined parts and looks amazing. Easy to start and neat to watch how it operates.

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