2 Cylinder Stirling Engine Electricity Generator with Bulb Stirling Engine Motor Model - Enginediy

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Works of Art

This is my fourth sterling engine it arrived well ahead of schedule meticulously package and ran without any issues right out of the box. In the four transactions I've had with this company I find them to be 100% reliable.As they are out of hit and miss engines I am told a new shipment will be arriving before long and awaiting their notification advising when I can place the order. Not only is it fun to watch these engines run, it's also fun, unpacking them. Irv

Kenneth Smith
2 cyl.stirling engine

Neat little engine.ran very well.lit led bulb very brightly

George Davies

Very nice and well built Stirling engine. I love demonstrating it when people ask me "What is that?"

Jairo Silva
Very nice done

Good product, same as described

Wayne Bliss
Neat little engine.

Arrived in US from China in just about a week. Bounced around the US in the USPS for over a month, not the shippers fault. Well packed and worked immediately right out of the box. I used 91% isopropyl alc, burns a little sooty but worked very well.

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