32cc Inline Four Cylinder Water Cooled Gasoline Engine for 1: 5 RC Model Car / Ship/ Airplane

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Customer Reviews

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incredible product for price. come with radiator and fan


We’re waiting for the base orders from you

Great potential if only

The engine is very nicely designed and the CNC is first rate. That said, there are what I’d describe as growing pains showing.
The intake manifold stub that slips inside the carburetor was slightly out of round and had a parting burr, requiring some file work to seat the carb. Likewise the exhaust manifold nipple had a parting burr needing filed off to fit a metal exhaust bushing for a muffler. The included switch was incorrect, a momentary rather than on/off. A few loose screws. Be sure to go around and check. The intake manifold started sucking air almost immediately due to loose screws. Water and oil pump belts were oily and slipped badly. Windex to the rescue. It’s not a turnkey toy. It’s a hobbyist item. Be prepared to tinker.

But once up and running it’s sweet, especially with the new style iron piston rings rather than rubbber.
They would do well to employ a tech writer to produce instructions, especially in English.
I’m planning on using mine as a power plant for a mini sawmill.


I had oil pump problems not pumping oil until I removed the oil filter, engine das get very hot quick where I am so I used a in line 12v water pump which seem to work.

Still cannot start it

It looks nice. You will need a few things before you can start the engine. Do not expect to receive everything you need or a clear instructions manual. The only explanation is a video. You will need to fabricate your supports, make your own base, make your own starter plug, etc. In my case, the belts for the water pump and oil pump were too loose, slipping, therefore not operating the pumps when you turned the engine by hand. Makes me wonder how it was tested in the factory, as they claim. So I had to have new tighter belts sourced locally. After everything was in place I tried to start it but it would not start. I did some basic checking such as voltage, sparks in the plugs, firing sequence, etc. which all appeared to be in good condition but still no go, so I contacted customer service for some tips on the fuel system, specifically the carburettor. But info provided by them so far has not helped solve the issue as they don´t specifically answer what you ask them. I am hopeful it will eventually start one way or another. But for the important sum of money you pay for this, you´d expect better packaging, better instructions, better technical support, a few spares or extras (such as belts, gaskets, a few more screws, exhaust tube, supports, starter plug, etc., all small stuff that would save you lots of time not having to find on your own). As for the engine itself, the connection of the spark plug cable to the spark plug could be improved, as the contact between the 2 is only by proximity, causing some potential loss of spark. And there is no apparently easy way to check the oil level. I understand that this is a relatively new item so I would think that its quality will improve with time.
Hope this has been helpful for all of you who are thinking about getting one.

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