Low Temperature Stirling Engine Motor Coffee Cup Stirling Engine Kit Education Toy

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Doug Reese
Late arriving and broken

Since my 1 star review was filtered out, here is a 5 star review. I ordered December 10th as a Christmas gift, but did not receive it until January 4th (almost 4 WEEKS). When I opened the box, it was broken and I cannot fix it myself. I threw it in the garbage.

Clifford Taylor

I love it! A fun little scientific gadget! I show it to my ignorant friends and they ask what is it and I tell them it's a Stirling engine. They scratch their heads and ask what does it do? I tell them it's a coffee pump. I have fun watching them scratch their heads.

Christian Senn

Came with no instructions. I hope my mechanically/scientifically minded nephew can figure it out. Good luck, dude.

We already send you the instruction by email. Please have a look.

Jay W
Amazing product

It comes fully assembled ready to go. Heat up a cup of water and place on top and watch it go.

Nancy Baines
A simple reliable little demo

The device is well made and shows how a Sterling engine operates. I find that leaving it over a coffee cup of hot water for a few seconds causes it to start, and it will run on its own for several minutes. A cute little demo and made well. It arrived on time.

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