What is TECHING Engine?
Brand TECHING is committed to the output of industrial culture, and strive to build an industrial quality education platform for young people and people from all walks of life who need to cultivate their practical ability, learn basic skills, cultivate innovative thinking, and shape the craftsmanship spirit.

Why TECHING Engine?
Stand on the shoulders of Giants and we will see further. TECHING Engine helps us to know more about the histories and structure building of car engine and other different models, such us the relationship between car engine and Wilhelm Maybach, steam locomotive and George Stephenson, pendulum clock and Christiaan Huygens, etc. Let's enjoy ourself in the world of metal building blocks!

What Kind of Model Kit TECHING Offers?
More than car engine model kit. TECHING DIY model series includes various car engine model kits, like the best seller TECHING V8 engine, radial engine, L4 engine, mini l4 diesel engine, v2 engine and single cylinder engine. You are able to find that there are other STEM model kit, like TECHING retro car model kit, steam locomotive model kit, robot kit, pumping unit, thresher, Galileo pendulum clock, Eagle and even dragonfly model kit.
Attention please, all of above mentioned that works brilliantly!
EngineDIY will show you more and more model kit of TECHING in the next futrure!

More About EngineDIY & TECHING ENGINE:
We have mature product design and metal mold R&D capabilities to create a series of innovative simulation metal assembly tools for consumers. These highly simulated and creative assembly tools can effectively tap teenagers' interest in industry and stimulate their imagination and creativity. These learning tools are also good partners to cultivate comprehensive quality and enhance parent-child feelings during the growth of young people. Interesting, stylish and textured imitation metal assembly learning tools can also be used as teaching aids, gifts, display handicrafts, etc.

At the same time, we also provide schools and educational institutions with a variety of industrial quality education solutions, such as teaching aids and teaching plans, small craftsman laboratories, extracurricular interest counseling, etc., to create a systematic education with industrial quality education as the theme, cultivate the practical ability and thinking and innovation ability of young people, carry forward the scientific spirit, and pay tribute to industrial civilization and craftsmanship spirit.

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