TOYAN is a Chinese engine manufacturer specializing in mini engines for both model engine building and rc model engine application purposes. Currently, TOYAN released the newest Boxer engine, TOYAN FS B400 Boxer engine; 2 cylinder nitro engine TOYAN FS-L200AC in kit version, which is co-branding with OTTO MOTOR. Until now, TOYAN produces serveral model engines, like toyan v8 engine, 2 versions are available - nitro and gasoline in kit or assembled version; toyan wankel engine, 2 version are available - rs-s100 single rotor and rs-l200 twin rotary engine; toyan fs-l400 engine in red and blue, there are also 2 versions available in kit and assembled version; toyan fs-l200 engine and toyan fs-s100 engine. You are able to find there are different types of toyan engine, some are single cylinder, some 2 cylinders, 4 cylinder and some 8 cylinder; air-cooled and water-cooled, nitro engine or gasoline engine. Prices are from $150 to $2500.

Toyan Engine embodies under different stroke engine structure units. We have put the starting pack inside. So, after you complete the way toward working on the Toyan Engine. you can start it with these units. Through playing, you can learn the whole structure and improvement from Toyan Engine, it is fascinating and overflowing with experience.

The Toyan engine kit has the red sports segment plan and the extraordinarily reproduced appearance are a great deal closer to the authentic engine. The fast structure plan and disintegration safe material amassing, tremendous stream siphon water, give notable cooling limits.  The kits are designed lightweight, it can be better suitable with RC models, altogether improving the unit power yield extent. Moreover, the long stroke as the engine plan plot, sufficiently gives higher power. It uses twofold Synchronous Pulley to inconceivably diminish the threat of tooth keeping away from in quick action. It also has the verifiable Mechanical Pump Water Cooling Jacket, which when the force of the siphon body comes from the driving pole, which gives streaming ability to the coolant, and thereafter assists the cooling fan to update oneself cooling execution. So, the new self-sufficient four-carburettor arrangement grants players to have more careful changes, making the gag response more sensitive and working all the more consistent.

Our Toyan engine kit with its whole assembling measure takes around 3.5 hours. While gathering, you will fathom the engine working structure. you can challenge and validate yourself. It also has the powerful performance, while it starts, the turn speed can up to 13500 RPM/Mins. The fuel is involved to the kits which has 20% of castor oil, 5-30% of nitro-methane, and the rest is methanol. 20-25% of methanol substance can be used as fuel too, or on the other hand you can buy the another methanol model direct from our store.

These Toyan engine kits can be used on 1:10, 1:12, 1:14 scale vehicle models or boat models and other stuff. Moreover, it will in general be used for study corridor shows as teaching Aids. Also, it is an ideal gift for engine dears, children and science lovers.

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