Timing Belt for TOYAN FS-L200 Engine 2 Cylinder Four Stroke Nirto RC Engine

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Todd Prince

Yes, ironically I just read the email asking for my review during a break in my effort to start my
fs-l200 after receiving a replacement timing belt, for which I paid, and before that a replacement crankshaft pulley. The reason I needed the replacement pulley is that the one from the factory had a “burr” or a “knick” which severed the belt. The problem I have now is trying to reset the valve-timing because the camshaft pulley does not have a timing mark on it. Also when I connect the 3 starter conductors the way they’re supposed to be connected the starter turns in the opposite way of the one-way bearing. The summarize, I LOVE the Toyan engines, it’s about time someone finally manufactured this type of RC Model engines. They have such realism and many other badass features. With that said, I’m so frustrated because I cannot start my FS-L200 due to these problems and very frustrating!!! I’m building a rc model shrimp trawler, but I’m at a stalemate due to this bad engine issue. As soon as the water-cooled 2 cylinder Toyan engines comes out I will be purchasing it. What do I do with the FS-L200 that was defective from the factory? I cannot finish my trawler until I can get an engine that runs. I would buy another air-cooled FS-L200 if I could perhaps get it for half price or expedited shipping and reduced price on a replacement engine. I’m a Diesel engine mechanic and a longtime hobbyist with a lot of experience working with every type of model engine. Please reply and help me to solve this, from my point of view, problem which occurred from the factory or during shipping that has made my obtaining the most awesome model boat engine anticlimactic.

Please call or text me @:
If more expeditious, please email me at this same address - [****]

Thank you so much!!!

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