RC fuel engine climbing frame design | EngineDIY

RC fuel engine climbing frame design | EngineDIY

This fuel engine climbing frame design is compatible with new L2 engines such as TOYAN L2 engine

The frame will be compatible with mainstream simulated climbing car shells on the market

All models come standard with the following features:

(1) High-strength frame, approach angle and departure angle combined with off-road characteristics. Large tire travel space
(2) Front and rear axles: independent straight axles, supporting differential locks
(3) Forward gear, reverse gear and neutral gear can be switched (central gear box)
(4) Engine throttle, central disc brake
(5) Front wheel steering
(6) Hydraulic shock absorption
(7) Differential

Upgradeable space for all models:

(1) Front and rear differential locks
(2) Rear wheel follow-up steering
(3) Variable damping hydraulic shock absorption
(4) Steering wheel steering linkage
(5) Lighting and sound group

Contains the following components:

(1) Dry throw block clutch
(2) Central gearbox (two forward gears, one reverse gear, and one neutral gear)
(3) Central disc brake
(4) Load-bearing girder or non-load-bearing frame
(5) Hydraulic shock absorption and tie rod
(6) Full vehicle metal digital steering gear
(7) Metal/nylon axle, front and rear straight axle
(8) Wheels and AT tires
(9)PC soft shell
(10) Other electronic equipment
(11) 6-channel remote control

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