Why can TOYAN engine use both nitro and gasoline? | EngineDIY

Why can TOYAN engine use both nitro and gasoline? | EngineDIY

Nitro: Nitro is a high energy density fuel that produces high power output in engines. It burns very quickly, which means it delivers fast acceleration and high performance. Therefore, nitro fuel is often used in some racing cars and model engines.

Gasoline: Gasoline is a common fuel commonly used in ordinary cars and many other internal combustion engines. It burns slower, but it has better stability and controllability, and delivers good fuel economy in ordinary driving situations.

In some specific applications, such as racing motorsport, the engine may require nitro for higher performance and power output. But nitro is often expensive and may be less practical in some ways (for example, it may not be as stable and reliable as gasoline).

 A CDI ignition engine is used because the fuel characteristics of nitro and gasoline are very similar. By adjusting the ignition angle, you can burn either nitro or gasoline.

TOYAN's engines are all nitro-gasoline-compatible, so they have little to do with the structure. They need to make some adjustments to the carburetor and igniter. These adjustments can only be realized by the TOYAN team at present.

TOYAN FS-S100AT1D-XP is a fully equipped and playable engine model developed and designed to give back to the majority of users. It adopts an observable engine internal combustion chamber design, equipped with a newly designed adjustable carburetor system, an adjustable ignition angle flywheel, a high-efficiency cooling fan, and a mid-mounted camshaft design to reduce the engine height to the extreme.
making it an extremely sophisticated four-stroke engine model.

How to use the product: This engine model needs to be started through CDI ignition, and the fuel requires the use of mixed gasoline fuel (#92 and above gasoline and two-stroke 2T engine oil ratio is 25:1) or nitro fuel (20%-25% nitro finished product fuel, recommended)
Note: Please use caution during operation. Do not touch the motor fan with your hands to avoid scratches, and do not touch the cylinder part with your hands to prevent burns.

This model includes the engine base, battery, ignition head, CDI ignition module, operating module, control linkage, fuel tank, and waste tank (users only need to prepare fuel to play with the engine).

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