$799 Gasoline-only TOYAN V8 Engine | EngineDIY

$799 Gasoline-only TOYAN V8 Engine | EngineDIY

TOYAN at the 22nd China International Model Expo
HOBBY EXPO CHINA 2024 4.19~21

Bringing a design that subverts the V8 internal combustion engine, with a new internal structure, bold design, and attractive price

This is the first time you have seen TOYAN’s new V8
Not the final model yet
But EngineDIY is sure this is a $799 gasoline V8 engine

Different exhaust pipes, different pulleys, and many, many more

There is also a single-cylinder gasoline engine priced at US$99, which is TOYAN’s most sincere price.

Will you pay for it?


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Melvin Simonis - July 11, 2024
Nice price for a V8 Engine, waiting for it to buy it.
pete osburn - June 5, 2024
I would like to know when the new V8 gas engine will be out for purchase.
Rafael Rodriguez Peñas - June 5, 2024
Por que no publicais los equipos completos para que funcionen con el motor solo no se hace nada se necesita el restos de las cosas gracias
Thomas Hansen - June 5, 2024
I am interestet when Will it be on the marked i have bad remember how long i have waiting on CISON V8 5,5 month from pay to i get my engine
Enrico D. R. - May 23, 2024

Quando verrà messo in vendita?

Edward C Lozon - May 9, 2024
When will this be available and how do I buy this…
Urs Mettler - May 5, 2024

A very nice engine. Please let me know when the engine is for sale. I will gladly pay 799 for the engine

Alan - May 4, 2024
I want one too!
Michael Dunner - April 23, 2024
Connect me when the engine is ready for purchase please.
Thomas PCGURU ENGINES - April 22, 2024
That is very, very tempting. And they have plenty of experience to learn from. Interesting

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