Four-cylinder Turbo Straight-four Engine | EngineDIY

Four-cylinder Turbo Straight-four Engine | EngineDIY

As a classic in the era of fuel vehicles, the value of the four-cylinder engine is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Energy conversion:
A four-cylinder engine is a machine capable of converting other forms of energy into mechanical energy. It usually converts chemical energy into mechanical energy, which is widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, chain saws and other low-power power machinery.

Structure and composition:
A four-cylinder engine is mainly composed of cylinder block, crankcase, cylinder head, cylinder gasket and other components. These components work together to allow the engine to efficiently convert thermal energy into mechanical energy.

Symbols of technological progress:
The development of the four-cylinder engine marked a major advance in internal combustion engine technology. It not only improved the efficiency and performance of the engine, but also laid the foundation for later multi-cylinder engines and more efficient engine designs.

Impact on modern industry:
The widespread use of four-cylinder engines has had a profound impact on modern industry. It promotes the development of automobiles, motorcycles and other means of transportation, and also promotes the development of related industries, such as petrochemicals, machinery manufacturing, etc.

To sum up, the four-cylinder engine is not only of great significance in terms of energy conversion and structural composition, but as a symbol of technological progress and its impact on modern industry, it also reflects its irreplaceable historical status of fuel vehicles.



This engine - four-cylinder turbocharged engine is used for
Porsche, Honda Civic Type, Volvo and other models



Classic structure in the era of fuel vehicles
①In-line four-cylinder turbocharger arrangement;
②Camshaft overhead;
③Double valve arrangement;
④ Equipped with turbine adding components.


The mechanical structure is classically presented, and the transmission process is clear at a glance.

 4. explosion diagram

Metal material, CNC process precision casting, aluminum alloy oxidation color, collection handicraft level, fine workmanship.


The 400+ parts are all exquisitely polished with special grinding tools, embodying humankind’s wisdom, creativity and yearning for the industrial age.

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