TOYAN new single-cylinder engine design, only $99.99?| EngineDIY

TOYAN new single-cylinder engine design, only $99.99?| EngineDIY

breaking news

1. This is a single-cylinder engine suitable for both nitro and gasoline, DIY assembly kit parts version

2. $99.99 only includes engine parts, the ignition kit needs to be purchased separately



A single-cylinder engine, sometimes called a thumper, is a piston engine with one cylinder. This engine is often used for motorcycles, motor scooters, go-karts, all-terrain vehicles, radio-controlled vehicles, power tools and garden machinery (such as chainsaws, lawn mowers, cultivators, and string trimmers). Single-cylinder engines are made both as 4-strokes and 2-strokes.

Thank you, will you support TOYAN single-cylinder engine?

$99.99, available soon

Contact Service to purchase in advance

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Bryan Hewitt - May 25, 2024
I’d like one of these. I have 2 of the 2 cylinder ones
peter - May 22, 2024
I would love to have one!!!

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