3D Puzzle Model Kit Mechanical Rotatable Beetle with Voice Control Light Metal Games DIY Assembly Jigsaw Crafts Creative Gift

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Emanuele B.

Really really nice! Many pieces, some of it in excess as a backup of lost screws or rings. Complex assembly, but very good istruction. Top package. In this type of 3D Puzzle Model I appreciate the integration of electronic circuit. If you have circuits hobby, you can spend some time to link motors to some kind of domotic system😁. Pretty nice effect comes up. Congratulations to people who designed it

Michael R.
Middle Gound

Out of the three sets I bought ( Scorpion Tarantula and the Scorpion puzzle), this was a resounding cool meh. Most of the parts are brass and the end result looks good, no complaints there. The major 2 complaints I have is tools and QC (Quality Control). The tools were relatively useless, the screwdriver doesn't fit the screws and the pliers where to fat to be of use. I had to supplement with my own tools of a: jewelers set of screwdrivers, wire strippers, and channel locks. The only actually really useful tool in the bag was a 4-way hex nut wrench. On the QC front the major issues I had was bolts or all thread not being long enough, you could sit all the threaded parts from the same bag next to each other and see the length difference, and trust me that length distance is important in some parts. A minor issue I had was the sound board, it didn't work, at all, but I did not want a mic hooked onto it and just directly wired the switch to everything and life was good. For $130 this is a perfectly reasonable set only brought down in my opinion by the questionable consistency of the parts.

Loved the kit

Would have been 5 stars had the instructions been sent with it.

We will send you the PDF instruction through email. Please have a look.

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