Wimshurst Machine Physics Electrostatic Generator Model for Science Education
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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Poor Quality

When I received the Wimshurst Machine I found that the arms on the machine were out of place and there were no directions to help with troubleshooting why I couldn't get a spark. The discs also appeared to be warped, meaning the electrical wires that make contact with the disc would not stay in contact as it spun. I did notice that the box it came in had been punctured, but I could not see any physical damage. So after many attempts to try to make adjustments, the discs kept striking the pointed metal arms that were on either side of the discs. This gouged the discs, likely damaging, and removing the conductive coating. I'm very disappointed that my son wasn't even able to get 10 mins of enjoyment from this gift.

Spark Generator

This Wimshurst Machine is great fun! Works right out of the box. Great spark generator. Only there are some scratches on it.


Great educational experiment!


The Wimshurst machine work very well and looks good. Some tips and instructions would have been helpful.

Great Show Stopper!

The generator performs as expected. Well constructed of materials that will endure a very long time! I read some of the negative reviews here, and I must confess that, as far as my experience dictates, these negative reviews were based solely on a lack of mechanical aptitude. This product is as advertised....an electrostatic generator, and it operates just fine! This company will continue to have my business for a long time!!!!

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