ENJOMOR Stirling Engine Metal Low Temperature Difference LTD Coffee Engine Gear Transmission Heat Engine Model

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SKU 33ED3294382

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Customer Reviews

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Jayke the mistake
Very cool Stirling engine. I love it.

This Stirling engine took a real long time to come in the mail so when it showed up it was a real nice treat I was excited. Went to use it and it works perfect and spins real fast with very little heat. The only thing I would change us to be able to see the piston inside. I thought it would come like that. But it's still really cool and worth the extra money and the wait. I gave it 4 stars because in my mind 4 is the absolute best and 5 stars is for those rare things that just absolutely blow your mind which are rare. Honestly I would probably give this 4 and a half stars. If I ever have kids I will give it to them. I'll probably order more things from this company someday.

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