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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Berton Toews
Great but finicky carburetor

Fun to assemble but found the carburetor very touchy and inconsistent. My son built a beautiful cherry wood box and mount, so it looks great!


Just got mine, what a great bit of machining. Can't imagine how they can sell it so cheap. Fit and finish is very high quality.a lot of beautiful machining. If you want to have a work of art, and a fun little engine, get it. Note that for this version, you will need to fabricate a base, but just an excuse to get yourself a mill, lathe, .... :)
The shipping was also great, online tracking available for every step.

Derek Brooks-Anderson
Hit & miss engine

These small ornamental functional engines are ideal for purchasers to display in ways according to choice. Consider the full sized engines used mainly on farms and industrial areas, and how good it would be if these small engines could be complemented by small scaled devices associated with them for instance field deep water clearing pumps, saw benches and electrical generators. I am sure there would be a market there for such as described.

paul cole
Nice Toy

Nice toy, needs to be placed on a wooden plate. Fuel tank is defective, I had to make a brand new one

Salle samuel

Excellent built quality, works fine, machined precisely

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