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Good for gr-son

The alcool containers should have leads to support the wicks.

Cool LIttle Engine

I have always been interested in engines and motors (I am a mechanical engineer). Wanted to try out this Stirling engine, partly to see how it was constructed so I can eventually build a larger unit myself. It runs great and is very cleverly designed. The quality is there, with a couple of exceptions. The heat cylinder uses glass test tube for both the piston and surrounding cylinder. They give you a couple extras, but my spares were cracked and one installed piston/cylinder combo was cracked. It still ran though. However, after a couple hours running it, the outside cylinder sleeve on one side started to come apart -- this is the "tube" that the heat is applied to. It seems like a press-fit, and when it gets hot it falls off. In my case, it fell off, rolled off the table and burnt my carpet. So watch out for this! I removed the faulty side and now just run it on one cylinder. Overall it is good, but glass parts break on the trip from China, and I got a faulty one. At least one side still works.

excellent !!

The quality is better than I expected. My two teenaged sons, both became completely focused when I showed them, and then a big smile came across their faces. Two extra heating bulbs, two LED lights, extra rubber band. Great deal! Soild construction. No cons.

Good quality item that made my kids very happy

Good sturdy quality and demonstrate well how the heat powers off the engine. This arrived quickly and well packaged. Will buy from other engine from Enginediy again

Five Stars

Good craftsmanship

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