Low Temperature Stirling Engine Motor Coffee Cup Stirling Engine Kit Education Toy

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Doug Reese
Late arriving and broken

Since my 1 star review was filtered out, here is a 5 star review. I ordered December 10th as a Christmas gift, but did not receive it until January 4th (almost 4 WEEKS). When I opened the box, it was broken and I cannot fix it myself. I threw it in the garbage.

Christian Senn

Came with no instructions. I hope my mechanically/scientifically minded nephew can figure it out. Good luck, dude.

We already send you the instruction by email. Please have a look.

Jay W
Amazing product

It comes fully assembled ready to go. Heat up a cup of water and place on top and watch it go.

Nancy Baines
A simple reliable little demo

The device is well made and shows how a Sterling engine operates. I find that leaving it over a coffee cup of hot water for a few seconds causes it to start, and it will run on its own for several minutes. A cute little demo and made well. It arrived on time.

August Baumgartner
Got one for my cousin and kept one for myself

They are really cool!! Me, my father, my grandfather, my cousins and basically all of my relatives steal the engines from eachother to play with them cause it just blows their minds how it works. Thank you for creating a functional engine... though you really should put instructions that say warm up coffee cup and place under engine so people dont think its a hoax as i did at first.

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