M12 2.6cc Mini 4 Stroke Retro Water-cooled Gasoline Gas Engine for Gift Collection

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Love this little engine!

Well made little engine! It does take a little patience to adjust the carburetor properly, but runs very good once broken-in. In the video you can see that it runs nice under a little load placed on it from my fingers! Smoked a little because I had a little too much oil in the crankcase, better to have too much oil than not enough! :) Fun to play with and makes a great display piece!

Bessie J
well made

comments with pics

Jack Scuderi
Great engine!

So far, my engine has been running great! Carburetor is a little finicky to get going but once it was finely tuned it ran great. I don’t know the reliability so far but an hour of run time and it’s ran great. My ignition unit was faulty but I purchased another one. Engine diy was intending on getting me one for free however I chose to just purchase one strait up to avoid the wait.

Only a few negatives I noticed.

Carburetor shaft wobbles slightly. May be a future air leak.

Crankshaft came slightly bent (flywheel hardly wobbles but is noticeable)

Loose crankshaft bearings (side to side play)

Otherwise engine is great! Revs up no problem, simple construction. I’m sure it will last many years to come!

Ned Calonge
Water cooled!

This water-cooled gasoline engine is elegant and is am important and welcome addition to my working engine collection. I've completely satisfied--and pleased

Fabio Giorgetti
Partially broken

When i opened the box i noticed that the carburator was detached. I had to try ti weld It to the collettore (in italiano)
The engine didnt start well and i noticed that the Spark plug was broken as well.
I had to buy a new one.
Not a completely happy buy...
Sorry because the engine itself is well done and apparently robust.

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