Rovan Baja 45cc 4-Bolt Motor RC Engine 4.35 HP Gas Engine for Rovan HPI KM BAJA LT LOSI RC Car

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
James G
Rofun 45cc for baja 5b

My engine had mechanical failure on the 3rd tank of fuel. I've been in the RC hobby since I can remember and I'll be 50 this year. Electric, Nitro (exclusively) and gasoline, I have and tinker with them all. That being said, the odds of user error are much less likely than with someone who was purchasing, installing and breaking in a brand new engine...just sayin.
I used AMSOIL 2 stroke oil mixed 25:1 with VP 94 octane ethanol-free unleaded fuel. I started with the high needle at 1 7/8 turns out and the low at 1 1/2 turns out. I ended up having to fatten up both needles even more as the stock settings were to lean.
15 min heat cycles the 1st tank ect ect....
On the 3rd tank, while still trying to seat the rings with short braps at 3/4 throttle, the engine bogged to a slow stop and died.
Engine disassembly revealed the piston and cylinder had deed scratches. The sealant used to assemble the engine was used to liberally and got into the engine case and may have caused the damage.
I've purchased a piston and cylinder rebuild kit from another vendor to try it again.

Tobias Horch

Good quality motor arrived in good shape and good condition.

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