Singing Tesla Coil Music Kit Plasma Loudspeaker Wireless Transmission Experiment Desktop Toy Model - Enginediy
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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Worth the money!!

Bought it for my 6th grader project. Packaged nicely. Works as expected. The bulb that it comes with is acceptable, but it can light up a 40w LED bulb. Satisfied with my purchase.

Great product

Great product very fun to play with and very cool to play music with. Just a warning - putting your finger close for more then a few milliseconds will burn your skin and the longer you hold it the worse it gets. Also it can catch paper on fire or melt foam just by being near it. Very fun to play with.


Very impressive!

Excellent Build With Room For Minor Improvement

Shipping was from within the EU so no extra duties, which I hadn't expected :) Well packaged. Arrived in perfect condition! Shipping time was reasonable.
Device is well built, works flawlessly, including sound.
Device shipped with 3 mini neon bulbs which was a nice surprisse, as it was not listed in the packing list :)
A small getting started manual would have been nice, but is not necessary.
The only issue I noticed is that there is a large inrush current (sparking) when the Tesla Coil is plugged in (I didn't try to analyze the cct, but the inrush is likely due to the large inductance, so not surprised). There is also no on/off switch, which is good as this would likely fail after numerous on/off events due to the arcing. A FET based inrush current limit circuit would be helpful to avoid the arcing, but would of course add some cost to the overall design.
Definitely not a toy for (unsupervised) children, as it can easily catch paper on fire!
Overall very well done!

This company has extremely high quality in every item I purchased

Bought the 4 cylinder engine and it is remarkable. The quality and design of the kit are incredible. The Tesla coil is also very high quality.

I will buy more

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