Solar Magnetic Levitation Model Levitating Mendocino Motor Educational Model Vertical Stand - Enginediy

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Love it!

Super awesome design and function. Most ppl have never seen anything like this. Pretty amazing really. Only way it could be improved would be to have a small solar panel not on the engine that charged a small battery and detected the transition from dark to light (nite to day etc) and sent a small pulse to an electromagnet to get the engine spinning on it's own...otherwise it sits there until someone starts it (presuming adequate light but it doesn't take much to keep it going!). A+

R Kelly
Mendocino Motors

I bought three of your motors. The $32.99 Mendocino Solar MagneticLevitation motor and the $27 vertical stand motor are neat and I am very pleased with both. I rate them both 5.

The $37.99 mini vertical motor with three solar panels was damaged in shipping (it was crushed) and does not work well. I would be very grateful if you could send me a replacement as it also looks cool.

As a gesture of good faith, as soon as I submit this review I will purchase a $34.99 20000RPM high speed Hall effect motor.

Thank you

Kevin Shelton

works as advertised

Michael York
Solar motor

Great product and price. An educational toy/product.

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