Stirling Engine Generator Model DIY Assembly Kit Physical Experiment

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Fun toy

This was my 4th engine purchase and I love them all. The workmanship is excellent.

Cool little device

I bought this model purely on impulse after taking a Wikipedia deep dive into Stirling and other heat engines. As someone very new to model engines, this little device was at the right price point and simple enough that I didn't feel nervous about the investment while also still being DIY. I was pleasantly surprised at the solid construction and (for the most part) clear instructions. The only real issue was that the included alcohol lamp was missing a cap to prevent the flame from burning down the wick and into the reservoir.

This little machine effectively demonstrates the fundamentals of a Stirling, and the included LEDs are a nice visual. Doesn't produce any real power, but it's a fun little desk toy and/or educational tool.

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