Desktop Stirling Engine Kit All-metal Stirling Engine DIY Kit Set Toy - Enginediy
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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Little engine, big fun!

This engine was a blast to assemble. I found fuel in the form of isopropyl alcohol in ISOheat gasoline antifreeze from the gas station. The engine runs like a dream and the folks from their email are very nice and helpful. This is just the first engine, we are looking forward to more kits in the future!

Easier than expected to assemble. You'll want a syringe for the fuel.

I'm very pleased with this product. The instructions aren't perfect but they're definitely comprehensible. We were done assembling the engine before we even realized it, and it runs surprisingly well.
Tools are included, but fuel is not because that would make shipping difficult. The instructions recommend using alcohol of 95% purity or higher. The strongest I could find at CVS was 91% isopropyl alcohol, and that seems to work just fine. Refueling is tedious if you don't have a syringe that fits the fill hole (~1 mm diameter).

solid kit, easy to build

This kit is simple to assemble. The instructions were fairly easy to follow with decent illustrations. There are some very small parts, plastic tube used as retainers for the axle shafts. They aren't difficult to get on, just easy to drop and lose. I'm sure they would send you more, or you could find some 2mm hose to make them. The engine has a heavy base so it is quite stable, the parts are nicely cast. There are no glass parts to break, it's all metal so it's not fragile. I lubricated the pistons with a bit of graphite, the main shaft has ball bearings. It starts quickly and runs fast. This is a good kit for anyone who is interested in engines.

Great engine

Great engine for this price! It's running really smooth!

Excellent engine

Totally functional ! Not expensive! 5 star.

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