4 LED Light Stirling Engine Model Hot Air Stirling Engine Generator for Gift Collection

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Customer Reviews

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John Rumancik
poorly made parts

After 25 runs, the hot air piston rod pulled out of the metal piston head. I had to pull the glass head cover off the piston to remove the piston head to reattach it to the piston rod. I filed a notch into the piston rod so that the allen screw would hold the piston head. The screw is of soft metal and the allen wrench stripped it upon tightening. The glass head cover would not easily slip past the soft plastic o-ring upon inserting the glass back into the piston. Pressing the plastic ring down between the glass and the piston housing broke the glass. Trying to press the new glass head in past the o-ring while twisting the glass head tore the o-ring apart. The engine metal work and machining are of great quality, but the poor design of the piston rod anchor screw, soft metal, too soft o-ring and impossibility of inserting a new glass head onto the hot cylinder make this engine worthless. I would not have purchased it if I had known it would easily break after only 25 runs and be impossible to repair. I will not recommend this engine or any other of the similar engines sold by your company to any one.

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