Thermal Power Stove Fan Vintage Stirling Engine Physics Science Experiment Energy Education Tool

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Muhammad Hussain
The best gift from the past

This is he best gift for young & adults alike. I received it very fast from china. I was amazed by the details and finish on this item. Engine DYI is so kind and nice that they sent me a second unit free of charge while first was defected.
If you love this kind of techs then this is the best gift for you. YouTube video placeholder
Dennis Wheelhouse
Thermal fan

Excellent service . Excellent product.

David Hall
A very good modern version of the classic spirit powered fan

Delivered to the UK in 11 days with detailed tracking available. Very well packaged and only a little time consuming to put together the fan assembly and cover.
Quick to start up, about 20 seconds, and run time is about 40 minutes on a full tank. It is well made although slightly noisy in operation.
I would certainly recommend this product to anyone interested in Stirling engines.

Cool Fan

This thermal stove fan was fun to put together, looks great and is fun to watch as it gets going. Very well made. Just oil the moving parts, add fuel, and watch it go.

A very nice engine.

Received well packed in good condition after about ten days time. The fan itself and the cage require very simple installation. The engine itself is fully assembled.
A tiny drop of oil on each bearing surface and as shown in each cylinder (I used 3-in-1 oil) keeps it happy. Apply oil to cylinders after about every two tanks of fuel. Bearings stay lubed much longer. Running on 190 proof ethanol is fine. Denatured alcohol would be cheaper, but I’d be mindful of breathing fumes.
Adjust fan blade pitch as shown. Just eyeball it to the typical fan blade pitch like a ceiling fan. Try to get them even as that promotes smoother running. To start, fuel it up, light the burner, and give it a full 25-30 seconds to pre-heat. Give the fan center nut a twist, not too fast, but enough to turn over a couple of turns, and it should start. It runs slowly at first then picks up speed for a few minutes. Mine runs almost 800rpms after a bit of tinkering. It did 600 out of the box.
A great desk toy.

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