TURBO Racing 2.4Ghz 1:76 Full Scale Electric RC Car with P31 Remote Controller Desktop Toy

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Customer Reviews

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Surprisingly good

Bought 3 to race as a family. Different colors for identification and matching to the paired controllers, but when driving you just keep track of your car and don’t rely on color.

Battery life is quite good, plenty of play time, and they charge quickly, too. They’re not exactly fast (not slot cars!) but it feels scale-appropriate. Pretty strong tire grip and motor can handle significant inclines, but they’re very low to the ground so make sure your surface is nearly smooth at any transition. Have not been able to slide/fishtail, given their light weight and gearing — they’re just too responsive.

The proportional steering and throttle work quite well, and they’re very nimble, great for obstacle-course driving around tight or varying curves, through narrow passages, over narrow beams, or between blocks. The adjustable controls are useful, especially for trimming the steering to get a nice straight line run by default. Controls are very responsive, a light touch is sufficient — might feel twitchy for the first few minutes as you get used to it.

Be wary of pet fur on your racing surfaces, you’ll need tweezers to clean it out of the wheel wells. On the other hand, cats love these things.

The only annoyance is the 1:76 scale — not because they’re tiny (that’s a feature!) but because getting matching scale-appropriate accessories (buildings, obstacle cars, traffic lights, etc.) is difficult, if you’re into that sort of thing. The scale is equivalent to British OO gauge railroads, but outside the UK, those are hard to get, and you may be tricked into getting OO/HO scale accessories even though 1:76 and 1:87 feel very different.

Great space-saving toy. Cars and controls all pack away in a shoe box.

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