Turbojet Engine Jet Engine Assembly Kit - Build Your Own Jet Engine -Ideal Gift for Collection
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Customer Reviews

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(Almost) Perfect Model

We used this model as part of our homeschool curriculum. It was built by a 12 year old student mostly. You do need two sets of hands for some of the steps. At least it helps. We've also done four and two stroke models of engines.
Overall, this was a super fun and informative process. The instructions and pieces are all well done and easy to use. The overall construction process went well. The final product is impressive and really representative of a turbofan engine.
There are two reasons we can't go Five Star. The main reason: a faulty external drive belt renders the model immobile. The model is designed to be driven by a clear rubber external fan belt that spins the fans. Our drive belt was poorly manufactured, and has a section that is almost double in size what it should be, and every rotation it gets all caught up and the engine stops. You have to manually turn the engine to keep it moving, which kind of takes away the whole point.
The second reason: the super annoying noise. I (kind of) get the logic of including a noise similar to that of jet engines in the model. But it can't be turned off, and so any time the model is on, it is wailing like a banshee. And the noise is a hollow, high-pitched attempt at replicating a jet engine noise; it sounds more like minions sent from a Japanese horror movie than a nice jet engine roar. It's really, really off-putting.

Overall, we really enjoyed the process and the model, and we learned a ton about how turbofan jet engines function. A solid product that we'd recommend to homeschoolers and aviation fans alike. Thanks!

Clint Sawyers

Excelent Product

5 Stars

Can't wait to assemble and see it work

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