5 Mini Engine Kits That Run On Real Fuel | SlashGear & EngineDIY

5 Mini Engine Kits That Run On Real Fuel | SlashGear & EngineDIY


The holiday gift-giving season is coming fast, meaning it's time to start shopping for your loved ones if you haven't already begun. If you have people on your gift list who are either adult engine tinkerers or younger budding gearheads, a good gift to consider is an engine kit from EngineDIY. Slashgear has already highlighted some V8 Engine kits and a Radial Airplane Engine Kit from EngineDIY, but most of those models run on battery power, meaning they are somewhat limited when it comes to providing a realistic representation of real-world engine operation.

Fortunately, EngineDIY also sells several engine kits that run on real gasoline, kerosene, or nitro fuel, giving builders a more accurate representation of how real-world engines operate. Because all of these kits use flammable fuels and contain very small parts, they are not intended for small children. Still, they would make appropriate gifts for adults or teenagers who are interested in engineering or automotive technology.

EngineDIY offers free shipping on all orders and promises a three to 10-day delivery time to the United States, Canada, and much of Europe. Kits can be returned for a refund or exchange within 30 days of when they are received, provided all of the original parts are present, intact, and show no wear.

With that in mind, let's look at five EngineDIY kits that run on real combustible liquid fuels.   

NR-200 RC engine

Many of the engine kits sold by EngineDIY are intended for use in remote control vehicles. One such engine is the NR-200 1:8 scale RC car and boat engine that retails for $399.99. This engine comes in gasoline or nitrofuel versions. Nitrofuel is a combustible mixture of nitromethane, methanol, and engine lubricants that can be purchased pre-mixed at RC hobby stores or from Amazon. The NR-200 is a four-stroke water-cooled engine with a displacement of 8.6 cubic centimeters and an electric starter and has an operating range of 3,000-18,000 rpm and a maximum speed of 22,000 rpm.

A starter kit for this engine is available for this engine for $99.99; that includes a radiator with a cooling fan and hoses, a fuel tank and lines, glow plugs, and a wiring harness.

The NR-200 has four five-star reviews and one four-star review from buyers, with one customer experiencing a circuit board failure but most coming away impressed with the quality and performance of the engine.

One customer gave it five stars and wrote, "Extremely great and rigid designed engine. Mounted the engine and started it up right away, runs great and sounds awesome."

Toyan-FS-L200 Nitro Engine

Another nitro fuel-powered engine kit that can be used in model cars and boats is the Toyan FS-L200 2-cylinder engine, which comes in a kit form for $449.99. This motor is made mostly of CNC machined aluminum and has a displacement of 7 cubic centimeters and a power output of .82 ps, which is just under one horsepower. A starter kit is available for $89.99, which includes the necessary accessories to run this engine: a fuel tank and lines, plus glow plugs and plug wires with built-in voltage regulator modules.

This engine has 12 five-star reviews and one four-star review from buyers. Some buyers had minor issues during installation, but those who did were quick to praise EngineDIY's customer service for a quick resolution to their problems.

A buyer gave the FS-L200 five stars and wrote, "This engine once received was well worth the wait, trust me! The EngineDIY team is very dedicated and has not let me down one time. So many options for applications outside of just running and admiring are endless, GET ONE!!" 

9cc V-Twin motorcycle engine

The motorcycle enthusiast in your life will appreciate the V-Twin gasoline motorcycle engine that sells for $899.99 with a black wood or silver metal base and $879.99 with a redwood base. The four-stroke engine has a displacement of 9 cubic centimeters and comes fully assembled. It includes a fuel tank, lines, and tank stand, as well as an air filter, battery, and wiring harness. The air-cooled engine has a power output of 0.8 ps, which equates to just under one horsepower, and runs at between 2,000 and 8,000 rpm. Spark plugs, copper exhaust tubing, and an electric drill starter attachment are included.

14 out of the 15 buyers who left reviews for this engine rated it five out of five stars, with the lone three-star review mentioning the use of rubber o-rings instead of metal piston rings and the lack of an electric starter. 

Even some reviewers who gave it five stars reported issues with the ignition components or mentioned having to make minor modifications, such as one who wrote that he "ported the exhaust ports ... added an extra shim on heads ... made custom engine mount with damping ... [it's] perfectly usable as standard but I like to modify ... I can highly recommend this engine."

Toyan FS-L400

Another nitro-powered RC car and boat engine from Toyan is the FS-L400 inline 4-cylinder engine that retails for $899.99. This build-it-yourself kit is made of aluminum alloy and alloy steel, and the engine, when assembled, has a power output of about .5 ps, which equals about one-half of one horsepower. The engine runs at speeds between 2,500 and 13,500 rpm and requires a 7.4 v lithium battery to start, which is not included in the kit. 

24 of the 25 buyers who left reviews gave the kit five out of five stars. There was only one three-star reviewer who failed to give specifics and only said they were "not satisfied with the product." Most reviewers felt exactly the opposite, one of whom wrote, "I am very happy with the engine! I was quite impressed with the machining work and the overall quality of the engine." Another wrotye that it is a "wonderful little engine!"

Antique water-cooled engine

Anyone on your gift list with an interest in antique machinery will appreciate this retro water-cooled gasoline engine that retails for $299.99 as an engine only or $449.99 with an impeller pump. Both models are made of brass and stainless steel and come fully assembled and attached to a wooden base. The engine runs on premium gasoline (95 octane or above) and requires a single AA battery for ignition. It has a displacement of 1.6 cubic centimeters and is started by manually turning the flywheel, either by hand or with an electric drill. 

14 of the 16 buyers who left ratings gave it five of five stars, while one rated it four stars and one gave it three. Most reviewers praised the high quality of the motor, while some noted that the carburetor required some fine-tuning to get it to run smoothly. 

One customer reviewer gave it five stars and wrote, "Well-made little engine! It does take a little patience to adjust the carburetor properly but runs very well once broken in. Fun to play with and makes a great display piece!"

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