V8 Engine Model Kit that Works - Build Your Own V8 Engine - V8 Engine Building Kit

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Man Helen
Fun, Well made model. Handy teaching tool for the basics.

Fun project. My teen nephew and I enjoyed assembling the V8, and surely he gained a bit of insight to the mechanical workings of an internal combustion engine. (at least the basics anyway)... The kit was missing the water pump/fan pulley, however an email to the company had a new one in my mailbox a couple of days later.. I'd call that excellent customer service. The kit is assembled using screws only, No glue required..I'd call that a plus. The detail of the more complex assemblies (cams, ignition) are very impressive. There are even steps to take to set, and adjust the timing, making the red lights representing spark plugs, flash at the right moment of the compression/power stroke. Fun to watch. The battery powered motor running the whole thing is actually louder than the simulated Engine running sound coming from a little speaker in the base, but it's no big deal. I seem to recall the original "visible V8" being a bit noisy too. This is actually a nice modern version of the original. Educational, and fun to build.

My 10-year-old son loves it

Instructions were very good. Good quality of materials. Everything fit together nicely with one small exception where I had to shave off a little plastic from a rocker arm using a pocketknife so it could move freely. My 10-year-old and I built it in one sitting that took ~4 hours. He could do everything required for assembly except the steps where most people would want help from a second person and a second pair of hands.

Robert J. Miller
Happy with this product!!!!

Perfect product, he was thrilled, runs smooth, just great!

Donald Krpata

0When I unhooked the springs I lost one.

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