About the ignition angle of the TOYAN V8 gasoline engine distributor | EngineDIY

About the ignition angle of the TOYAN V8 gasoline engine distributor | EngineDIY

Toyan gasoline V8, video from wiring to debugging to start-up

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About the ignition angle of the TOYAN V8 gasoline engine distributor | EngineDIY
About the ignition angle of the TOYAN V8 gasoline engine distributor | EngineDIY

Part 1

Step 1

Connection of CDI signal lines

The battery uses a 2S 7.4V lithium battery

We need to find a sleeve on the power distributor and place the main line and grounding wire inside the sleeve

Find another magnet, with the small triangle facing downwards, and check if the CDI can function properly

When Hall moves over the magnet and electricity is released, it indicates that the CDI can work normally.

Repeat the above actions to check for the next CDI

The positive and negative poles of the input terminal must not be reversed

Hall sen has north and south poles. When Hall sen does not discharge, turn the magnetic north and south poles and try again

All checks have been completed and there are no issues with the CDI. Let's put the CDI aside

Step 2

We check the timing of the engine

There are three marked points here, all of which point downwards, indicating correct timing

The crankshaft point is downwards, and the camshaft two points are downwards.

Let's keep the three points stationary and place them here

Next, we will connect the power distributor

The power distributor is divided into left and right parts, with the one with a notch installed on

Part 2

We will install the power distributor later

The power distributor has left and right sides. When we disassemble the power distributor, we must distinguish the left and right sides clearly and not confuse them

Open all of this and take a Hall wire, which corresponds to the location where the Hall is installed

Similarly, insert the small triangle towards the magnet and insert it all the way to the bottom. At this point, the left part has been installed

Similarly, we install the right power distributor

The power distributor on the right is the same as the one on the left, with the small triangle inserted towards the direction of the magnet, and it must be fully inserted

Next, we will install the distributor holder onto the engine

This is the picture manual that comes with our factory

When the left distributor is perpendicular to the position of the screw, the ignition angle of the cam is correct.

The distributor in this picture is on the right side. When a straight line below aligns with the center position of the screw, the ignition angle of the cam on the right side is perfect.



Part 3

Next step

Installing power distributor

Here, there is a point at the position of the power distributor, with the installation method point on the left facing upwards

The same goes for the right side

After we have installed all the left and right parts, the correct direction should be one left and one right, with the left side facing up left and the right side facing up right

After this step is completed, we will install the distributor holder

Okay, next step is to install the spark plug

Part 4

Let's explain how to adjust the oil needle in this step

When we get an engine, here is the main oil needle, and on the right is the auxiliary oil needle

Let's first adjust the main oil needle. First, turn the main oil needle all the way clockwise, and then back out two and a half turns counterclockwise

Similarly, the adjustment of the carburetor is the same as before

The auxiliary oil needle is to fully open the throttle, and the distance between the auxiliary oil needle and the fuel injector is approximately 1mm

Then we connect the oil pipe. Using gasoline, the ratio of gasoline to engine oil is 20:1

Next, let's start the engine

To adjust the engine, it is necessary to first adjust the high speed of the engine, slightly increase the throttle, and then start it

The reason for not starting like this is because there is not enough fuel. We will open the main oil needle a little more and slowly adjust it not to open too much. Now that the engine has started, we will start the fuel valve. If the throttle is fully opened, it indicates that there is no problem with high speed.


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