toyan v8 engine

TOYAN V8 Engine Sounds! First Testing From EngineDIY

Testing video of TOYAN V8 Engine here!

Does it Sounds good? Let's feel it!

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The fun of the V8 hides a rush of power beneath its compact build. With different exhaust manifolds, various sounds can be adjusted. Driven by the crankshaft, each guide wheel runs smoothly, full of modern classic mechanical wind!

More Images of Real TOYAN V8 Engine

toyan v8 engine

toyan v8 engine

toyan v8 engine

toyan v8 engine

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Mike - April 15, 2022
I am a YouTuber and I have a YouTube channel, I personally can’t say anything about the way it sounds, you have the wrong equipment to pick up sound.

Personally I think it needs 2 distributors. The ignition system you have isn’t right for that motor. It makes it run but it’s firing to soon.

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